About Properties Deed


In her encounter with the Lord, the Samaritan woman declared what her people believed to be a fact; namely, God was supposed to be worshiped on a particular mountain, and that, contrary to what the Samaritans believed, the Jews claim that Jerusalem is the place to worship God. To that Jesus replied, “Woman, believe me, the time is now when true worshipers worship the Father in spirit and in truth. “

Did you know that if you change the name on the title of a property you own to a person or organization, you lose the right to that property? That’s right, even if you do not receive one penny for it; if you sign over that property, it is no longer yours. You can regain ownership of that property, only if that person or organization signs the title deed back to your name. Be it known, that that is legal throughout the world. If that person or organization decides not to sign back that property to your name, there is nothing you can do to get your property back.

By the way, I challenge anyone to prove, through the scriptures, that to belong to the organization in which one worship, it is compulsory, to change the title of the property one owns, and in which one worship, to the name of that organization, that is not biblical.

The name on the deed of 900 Prospect Ave., was Iglesia Fe Apostolica, Bronx NY. Due to certain circumstances, I was asked to change the name on the deed to Apostolic Faith Church, Portland OR. Though I was advised by our lawyer not to do so, I did it because I did not want to be called a rebel, (I am called that anyway) as a result, we lost that property, it became part of Portland’s portfolio. You are not obligated to change the name on your property’s deed to no man or organization; whenever you do, you’ll lose ownership of the property.

Today I understand, the problem of my brothers and sisters of the Apostolic Faith. Some believe that to be true worshipers of God, one must be connected to that Organization. I love the Apostolic Faith Church, it is all I know; however, gone are the days, like when Brother Mel Frost picked up a shovel and opened ground in the Boca Chica, Dominican Republic Apostolic Faith church. Like one Pastor in Chile said to me, “I thought you people came to help us; but it appears, you came to take our properties.” That is the thing today.

In the encounter between Jesus and the Samaritan Woman, the Pharisaic spirit says, only according to our organization’s rules can you worship God; But Jesus says, both on this mountain and in Jerusalem God is to be worshiped, when the worshiping is done in spirit and in truth. The Master said to Nicodemus: “What we know we speak, and what we have seen, we testify.” I know what I am talking about, I have experienced it.