The Evangelicals Two Cards


The evangelicals only have two cards which they pull out on every election circle. Do you know that the evangelicals abuse your faith and obedience? It appears they count on your obedience to have you believe that The Lord is concerned with two sins only, abortion and homosexuality.

This much I know, believers are always willing to please our church leaders.  We are submissive. Seldom, if at all, will you find church folks questioning their leaders; and, for the kingdom’s sake, I take it to be a good thing; after all, the bible says, that church leaders, would have to give God account concerning their vigilance of the flock; and there is this added distinction, they watch for our soul.

Aware of your obedience, and, taking advantage of it, they exploit your it to get you to do and think as they do and think. A couple of days ago, I wrote the second installment of this series. Today, as I was getting ready to continue with this installment, the Morning Joe Show was reporting that Beth Moore, a great bible teacher, member of the Southern Baptist Evangelical Denomination, was at odds with that denomination and cutting her affiliation with that organization. You can read all about it on the internet, here, in the following link, And Ms. Moore is not the only one.

At the beginning of this blog, I stated that the evangelicals only have two cards which they pull out at each election, i.e., the abortion and homosexual cards. They use them intending to overwhelm their followers with fear, mistrust, and hate; not against these two sins, against democrats, as if these two sins are offensive to God more than all other sins.

Photo by MOHAMED ABDELSADIG from Pexels

The bible speaks more against adultery and lies than, it does against abortion; as a matter of fact, you will not find the word abortion, in the pages of the bible, as referenced today. Yes, abortion is wrong, and the bible does speak against homosexuality; however, constant referencing these two offenses to the superlative measure to which the evangelicals do, gives the impression these are the only things that concern God.

Yes, I believe God is concerned about a baby being stripped out of his mother’s womb, as much as he is about a man’s life being snuffed out of his body because of a policeman kneeling on his neck. But you pastor, say nothing against that action. God dislikes partiality.   

The truth is, God hates adultery, lies, deceit; in fact, all sin offends God just as much as he does abortion and homosexuality; but you purposely tout these two because you know it will awake an abhorrent state of consciousness you’ve already stirred up in your followers. Like Uzzah, you think God is incapable of doing his work. Stop helping the cart; God is able to do his job.

On January 21, 2021, early into Biden’s administration, pastor Will Graham published this video, ( pontificating, again vaticinating doom and gloom against this nation, because President Biden nominated Pete Buttigieg Secretary of Transportation.

Pastor Graham, like you, I believe that God intended a man to marry a woman; but is being homosexual worse than rebellion or marching on the street shouting hatred against people who do not look like me, or daubing feces on the capitol’s walls, or lying BY saying I won an election which the entire world knows I did not. Do you preach that God hates these two sins above all others?