The Great Lie


The big lie was and still is namely, “I won the elections”, “Stop the steal.” To this day there are some Republican congressmen; and yes, some pastors, who refuse to acknowledge President Biden’s victory; It is a fact that the Supreme Court, including the last three judges appointed by Trump himself, rejected this lie at a ratio of 60 to 0.

I wonder, to what extent will evangelicals tolerate the actions of this man to understand that he is not the leader they imagine him to be? It is not that I have something against evangelicals since I am also a believer; rather, I speak because they support lies, which is not convenient in the kingdom of God. The Canaanite dwells here among us.

Many in the mob participated in that criminal event because they believed the great lie of the former president; he said, “these elections are not legitimate.” During the election campaign, the former president said, “the only way I lose these elections is if the Democrats cheat.”

It is important for us to note that this is how rulers act in countries in which the government system is dictatorial. Had Trump won the 2020 elections, do you think that in 2024 we would have had normal elections? But as my wife says, God loves America.

What makes it troubling to the gospel, and the name of God, is knowing that 75% of Evangelicals, without thinking or not recognizing it, have joined groups such as “QAnon”, “The Proud Boys”, and others such groups in support of the Trump Agenda.

These groups declared their hatred of Jews and other non-Caucasian races. I think that should have been enough to discourage evangelicals because we teach that men, all men were created in the image of God. (imago Dei).

Here I ask God’s forgiveness if I judge wrongly, but I believe that had the attack on January 6 was successful, some evangelicals would have declared those groups of criminals, Qanon, Proud Boys, etc., “armies of God”. They would have said that God used them to carry out His will, to bring Trump back to power; in that way, they would have reaffirmed their false prophecies; which they had declared before the elections: “Trump’s victory is a given because already God gave him victory.”